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I hope you find this page interesting. There will be constant updates and new entries. This website is for those of you who enjoy nature and are particularly interested in the South African wilderness. I travel around South Africa and Botswana very often, generally with my pickup and tent. This is a very simple way of travelling. It does however have the advantage that you can learn much more about the country and its people. I only travel through the north, north-west regions and of course the Western Cape for the time being. I tend to stay in one place for longer periods of time, so that I can immerse myself in all the surroundings.
It also gives me the opportunity to take snapshots of the flora, fauna and wildlife. There are no specifically guaranteed animals or plants. This should give a brief overview of the biodiversity of the regions and parks. I also want to show you the same places during different seasons. This site will be continuously maintained and updated. The aim is to create a comprehensive information page where anyone can find all the information about South Africa and its nature that they need quickly